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Lips that last!

As a Makeup Artist the main questions I am asked by my clients are;

'How do I decide on a colour?'

Choosing a lipstick colour is something that is very personal to most, some people like to stick with what they know, some people like to embrace bright bold colours, when some could think of nothing worse than attracting attention to their mouth.

Selecting the perfect lip colour can completely transform not only how you look but also how you feel. But first of all lets go back to the basics; general lip care. Beautiful, hydrated, soft lips create the perfect base for long lasting lipstick and allows your lips to look absolutely lush. Applying lip colour to dry, chapped lips is only going to accentuate the cracks further. So here is my very basic tip that anyone can do at home before bed:


In a circular motion gently use a dry toothbrush on moisturised lips to remove any dead skin and exfoliate the lips. Then apply a nice hydrating balm, I don't think you can beat the natural formulas containing olive oils, honey, coconut oil or jojoba oil, again this is all personal preference. I always keep a little jar of coconut oil at home, which is perfect for so many things, especially nourishing your lips. Its a great idea to add this simple tip to your everyday routine, then your lips are always good to go!

'What colour will suit me?'

Pale skin - If you are opting for an everyday nude colour but have a pale, English rose complexion always opt for warmer tones of nude to add warmth to your complexion. If you would like to look pretty in pink then don't select a pink tone that contains a red tinge, pinks that are formulated with blue, rose or lilac tones will compliment fair skin so much better. If you are thinking of rocking a red lipstick then go for it, it adds instant glamour to any look. Remember though if you have insecurities about your teeth alignment red lipstick can highlight this even more. However opting for red lipsticks that are cherry based will enhance the whiteness of your teeth amazingly.

Olive and medium skin tones - You lucky bunch, you can pull off so many shades of lip colour. If you are opting for an everyday nude colour then the world is your oyster, most nude tones suit you perfectly. If you want to feel pretty in pink then I personally love magenta and candy pinks against olive or medium skin tones. You can also pull off deep purple tones, especially those who have beautiful deep tans, dark complexions or big bold green or blue eyes. If you would like the glamour of a red lipstick then go wild, bright red, warm red, deep red and berry red all look stunning. Just remember that 'teeth rule' and also if you are going to wear a bold lip colour it needs to be applied with precision, the bolder the colour the more the eye will be drawn to your lips.

'I have found the solution for long lasting lip colour!'

The majority of my clients are brides, members of the bridal party or guests who are ready to party hard. They all want lip colour that lasts, this way they can party the night away, look glam all night (even after a G&T or two) and not have to worry about reapplication and lets face it cameras are always snapping when you are not ready for it. I have tried and tested so many brands and this one is my favorite to date...

'Have you tried Power lips fluid?'

Power lips fluid is perfect for those who want long lasting colour and nourished lips. Its transfer resistant so you wont leave the majority of the colour on your wine glass or somebody's cheek. It doesn't feather so you can create a nice crisp outline with the applicator, perfect for those opting for a beautiful bright lip colour. You can also choose from every colour under the sun and you can have a matte or metallic colour depending on your preference.....PERFECTION!!!

' Feeling glam and sassy... it's a red kind of day!'

I would love to hear your views on this product if you have used it before. I wear it everyday, selecting a different colour that compliments my outfit and mirrors my mood; feeling glam and's a red kind of day. If you haven't tried it yet it is definitely a must have for every makeup bag! I have various colours available for £20 each and I can help you create the perfect colour match.

Remember a long lasting lip colour means a long lasting product because application is kept to a minimum. As a result of this I have collected 18 colours to date (don't tell my husband, wink wink).

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