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That Golden Glow!

Updated: May 15, 2020

This piece of advice always sticks in my mind. It was given to me during a private dermatology appointment by a man that I call 'my saviour', Dr Kurt Ayerst (I will go on to discuss why in future blogs);

'Protect your skin as you would your sons'

As someone blessed with olive skin I have always been a sun worshipper. How much better do we all feel when we have a golden tan; you look radiant, healthy and I don't know about you but I get a little spring in my step when I feel good about myself. I can't speak for other nations but I know us Brits are constantly chasing that golden glow; sun beds, foreign holidays, spray tans, bronzer, bottled tans and tinted moisturiser.

I have grown up with a sun obsession, I would sit in the sun for hours on end and I am shameful to say I never used protection for fear that I wouldn't get the deepest of tans. Maybe because I am an August baby, maybe because I used to always remember the compliments that I received for my natural golden skin tone, maybe because I recall my mum laying in the sun for hours on end as myself and my sister splashed around in our swimming pool. If my mum ever said 'oooh you look washed out' that was always a clear indication that you either looked rough, ill or tired. So from a young age as soon as the sun was out I used to position myself directly in front of it for hours on end...with zero protection...because 'that stops you tanning right?' WRONG, sun cream only extends the time until burning takes place, it does not impact an individuals tan.

Since becoming a mum I have come to realise these are all terrible excuses. I do everything I can to shield my little boy from the sun, but am I less important? Why don't I protect myself from UV radiation to prevent skin degeneration, ageing and skin cancer? If I am honest with myself it is because of two things; vanity and society.

So during my visit to Dr Kurt I was prescribed a vitamin A based medication for an ongoing skin condition. His words sit deep in my mind, 'you can not go in the sun when you are taking this medication, protect your skin as you would your sons!!' Wow, that was hard to hear, especially with an upcoming holiday to Greece, I cant be pale?! I even considered not taking the medication just so I could sit in the sun. Then I had a light bulb moment 'can I self tan', He said 'yes yes yes, go for it!!' It would seem Dermatologists are huge fans of tanning sprays and lotions.

So my search began for the perfect self tan, one that looks natural (I can't have people suspecting my tan isn't real right?), one that doesn't smell, isn't sticky and doesn't bring me out in spots or an allergic reaction (as so many do unfortunately). I have tried and tested so many and I have finally found 'the one'. I want to share it with you all as it is a product that I truly believe in.

'NU Skin Sunright Insta glow, tinted self tanning gel' - £28

Why I love it:

  • It has an instant effect

  • It is designed to be low-odour

  • Super light texture and easy to apply

  • Absorbs really quickly and doesn't leave that sticky feeling on the skin

  • It doesn't clog your pores and lead to spots

  • It is non-drip

  • It doesn't stain clothes or transfer onto your bed sheets

  • You can mix it in with your daily moisturiser if you only want a subtle glow on the face

  • A little bit goes a long way

  • It looks completely natural and adjusts to the individual skin tone

  • You can gradually build it up if you would like a deeper sun kissed look

  • and the biggest bonus.... I am not sitting in the direct sunlight sweating, slowly destroying my skin and heightening my chances of developing skin cancer.... #winning.

Since working as a makeup artist I have felt and seen so many variations of skin. Nothing compares to those who have skin damage from years of unprotected sun exposure. It is near impossible to create a beautiful, flawless base on dry, dehydrated skin. There are so many amazing alternatives out there... #treatyourself #nuskin #instaglow.

I would love to hear your views on this fabulous product if you have used it before, but if you haven't and you would like to try it I have 125ml bottles available for just £28. Get in touch if you'd like to purchase one or if you would like any further information.

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